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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top five love making position

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The Missionary Position

The usual stuff, all porn has it. Every love nest witnesses it. All the carnal minded porn collectors know it by heart. The female lies on her back legs spread apart while the male is on top and maneuvers his way in. Feeling a bit missionary lately, read more about missionary position here.

The Yawning Position

A variation for the missionaries that the early corrupted missionary priests forgot to teach their converts. It’s been called “yawning” in the kamasutra probably because it’s like yawning in the morning, but instead of the arms stretched up high it’s the legs. Again it’s the female who latches her raised legs onto her partner’s shoulders while the male leans toward her stretching her raised legs and makes her feel a lot hornier. Discover more about yawning positions.

Dog Style

It’s that raw and pure animalistic instinct that’s taking over you. The male acts dominant and pounces on the living breathing flesh underneath. The female on the other hand submits to his intensity and vigor. Named after the dogs that probably did it first, the male grabs the woman by her hips and starts humping relentlessly. The female, on the other hand, maintains her prone position while the banging gets faster and faster. Did you know that there are many variations for dog style that in kamasutra they named it after many animals like cats, deers, elephants, cows, goats, and many more?

Cowgirl and the Reverse Cowgirl

It’s the woman on top position where she gets in charge of the whole game. The male just serves as her pole where she’ll do her pole dancing. According to experts, it’s the best technique for the kind of sex that lasts all night long because men can delay their ejaculation a lot better when they are lying on their backs. It’s called “cowgirl”, by the way, after the cowboys who rides horses and bulls. Get the idea, cowgirl – cowboy, riding horses? Not for “broke-backers”, ride like a cowgirl here.

Sixty Nine

The good-ol’ yin yang style, where you feed each other equally. Sixty nine is the only egalitarian sex position where there’s no one who’s clearly in charge but both sexes benefit from each other, unless someone forgets to take a bath. Actually, it doesn’t need too much maneuvers here, just let go and play each other well. Learning the art of fellatio and cunnilingus, therefore, is a must.

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