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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The $10 Laptop – Cheapest Ever

Where would this $10 laptop come from?

Answer: India!

The specs according to media reports is, it features 2GB RAM, Wi-Fi and Ethernet and will consume just 2W of power. It is called Sakshat and will go for production in six months. Sorry no pictures yet. If it’s true that India can make this $10 laptop, just imagine how can they grow even more in the IT industry. Though the process on how will they do it and the costing still puzzles me. The OLPC was ok @ $100 and is doing great all in all but if Sakshat will live to it’s expectation then I think OLPC will be history.

The laptop was developed in collaboration with Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai. As per news reports the laptop will be manufactured by private firms. Although there is no official input on the hardware specifications of this laptop, sources claim that the $10 laptop could feature 2GB RAM, WiFi support, ultra portable form factor etc. We’ll have to wait and watch for another 24 hours on how true these details are

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