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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love Your Work

Work – has been the subject of many negative criticisms. It’s been called an interruption of weekends, a necessary evil, an obnoxious option, etc. The worst I ever come to hear is from a guy who compares work with life in prison.

“Life in Prison versus A Full Time Job”

*In prison, they spend the majority of their time in an eight foot by ten foot cell. At work, one spends of my time in a six by eight cubicle.

*In prison, they get three meals a day. At work, we only get a break for one meal and we have to pay for that one.

*In prison, you get time off for good behavior. At work, we get rewarded for good behavior with more work.

*At work, we must wear an ID badge at all times. In prison they provide you with clothing with the ID conveniently sewn onto the clothes.

*At work, there is a dress standard, but we must buy our own clothes. In prison there is a dress standard, but they supply the clothes.

*At work, we must carry around a security card and unlock and open all the doors ourselves. In prison a guard locks and unlocks all the doors for a prisoner.

*In prison, they can watch TV and play games. At work, we can get fired for watching TV and paying games.

*In prison, they will pay my way through school to learn a new career and give me time to do it. At work they will pay for our education, but we must do it in our own time.

*In prison, they have exercise rooms that they allow you to use almost wherever you want. AT work, we have an exercise room that you can use, but it must be on your time.

*In prison, we can fall asleep on the job and no serious consequence comes from my actions. At work, if we fall asleep on the job we easily get suspended.

*In prison, they ball and chain you when you have to go somewhere. At work, you are ball and chained.

*In prison, you have full medical coverage with no deductibles. AT work, you get partial coverage and pay all the deductibles.

*In prison, all experiences are paid by the taxpayer, with no work on their part. AT work, you get to pay all expenses to go to work, and then deduct the taxes from your salary to pay for their prisoners.

Sounds crazy? Funny crazy? Yeah I guess it does and I don’t know what the writer is trying to say, but if he’s implying that committing a crime and spending the rest of your life in prison is better than being chained to an office table, SORRY, but that’s not my cup of iced coffee.

But we might be surprise to know, there are actually a multitude of people who feel this way. They are helplessly chained to their work. Given a choice, they would rather buy a lottery ticket and hope to win, so they can retire at an early age of twenty.

Work is not only a means by which we can earn a living. It is a means by which we can earn how to live.

It provides us with countless opportunity to build up that most important part of the human being, the inward part called character.

Work provides us with the opportunity to meet new friends, learn life experiences and even teaches us to avoid certain kind of people.

Work gives us the blessed opportunity to be productive with our hands and mind, contribute to society, and make this world a little better.

In short; work gives us value as human beings.

One’s perspective of work becomes healthy the moment he removes his focus on himself and starts looking at the concern of others.

The choice is yours.

You can either choose to make work a life imprisonment sentence

Or you can choose to make work a wonderful means to live.

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