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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Looking For A Pinay Wife?

Non-Filipino men who are looking for Filipino wives are flooding on the internet today. They are staying in Philippine related chatrooms through the Yahhoo Messenger’s Chatrooms looking for available Filipina online.

On this internet cafe where I’m in now, 14 Pinays are staying online waiting for whitemen who are looking for Filipina wives. Actually, on these 14 Pinays, 5 of them have fiance already and 1 is already a wife of a Japanese-American businessman.

To let you know, here in Southern Leyte (Philippines), having a white husband is a dream of most of the women here. I don’t know if it’s their business, but I think it’s a trend.

There are few Pinays I met who are already married, but they’re still spending 2 to 5 hours renting internet access just to meet their fiance. One of them told me that if her fiance will bring her into his country, she’s ready to leave her husband for this opportunity.

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