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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The DVD Home Theater

The DVD Home Theater

With today’s technology, almost anything is possible. From VCRs to CDs then to DVDs and now HD DVDs, no one can predict what the next greatest invention or gadget will be. But quite possibly, the DVD home theater system is at the forefront when it comes to affordable entertainment.

Back in the early 90s, VCRs were the craze. We could watch movies in less than a year after they are introduced on the big screen. But today, we could watch movies with our DVD players within months or even weeks. DVD or also known as Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc is now the most popular media player of the century. DVDs are of equal size with CDs (compact disc) but they can store almost six times as many files.

A DVD player is more than just a tool to play DVDs. There are in fact, a number of features that can really enhance your viewing experience. DVDs are now formatted in a way that surround-sound and picture formats can be viewed and played in their original way. With DVDs, the viewing experience will be more and more like a big screen movie theater.

The modern DVD models are notable for its recording capacity. Rapidly replacing VCR recorders, DVD recorders, albeit more costly than traditional DVD players, are the component of choice for home theater systems. Of course, this is perfect for people who are fans of regular television series but who cannot catch every episode.

DVRs put unprecedented control of your favorite TV programs at your fingertips. It stores your favorite shows on its hard drive, letting you keep track of them in an organized manner; no clunky VHS tapes needed! DVRs are so popular, in fact, that many cable companies offer them to their customers as an additional service.

Home theater systems are not finished without a speaker and DVD player. Many DVD home theater systems now include, naturally, a DVD player, speaker system, and big screen LCD TV. Every part serves a critical function without which you would just be watching television.

A home theater cannot be at its best if a good quality sound is set aside. But the video receiver is important too. A DVD home theater system is a big part of what makes a decent home theater system into a truly great one. Though good quality is attached to a higher price, they're absolutely worth the extra expense.

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