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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guide to Multiple Orgasm

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Sponsored by: cildenafil citrate, viagra, cialis, provigra, prozac, tramadol, levitra, propecia)

Experts say that the root of most of your problem lies in the brain. Psychological and environmental factors affect the length of time before an individual reaches climax. If you’re too uptight and suffer a great deal in terms of your emotional well-being, chances are your sexual performance will be greatly compromised. One solution to that is to overcome your “over-tensed” sexual behavior. Learn to relax and let go of your emotions and worries. But that alone will not solve it. You should also learn how to control your ejaculation reflex. One way of attaining that is learning how to achieve and become a “true multi-orgasmic male.”

A “true multi-orgasmic male” is a male above any normal male in terms of sexual performance. He is able to achieve incredible feats of orgasmic activity transcending the single orgasm normal males are capable of and turning it into waves of continuous orgasm never experienced by lowly pathetic single orgasmic human males in their lifetime.

Why become a “truly multi-orgasmic male”?

*You’ll be able to last longer in bed.
*Of course, it follows that your partner will be more satisfied.
*It follows also that you’ll be more satisfied.
*You’ll have more intense and powerful orgasms you’ve never felt before in your life.
*You’ll have a better sense of well-being.
*It might sound weird but traditionally, Taoists believe that through practicing multiple-orgasmic sex, one would reinvigorate his strength and vitality, thus increasing his longevity.

Who can become a “truly multi-orgasmic male”?
Anyone and that means anyone including you, if you’re a male that is; because if you’re a female, you’ll be called a “truly multi-orgasmic female”.

What is a “multiple male orgasm”?
A multiple male orgasm refers to an orgasm achieved successively, without the complete loss of sexual arousal and erection in between. So if you could do several orgasms a day with rests or recovery periods in between, that’s not a true multiple male orgasm.

How do I achieve multiple male orgasms?
Before you can become a “truly multi-orgasmic male” you must first undergo a series of easy to follow exercises to train your body to achieve multiple orgasms. It can’t be learned overnight as it needs time, proper training and conditioning of the muscles involved to prolong your climax cycle and control your ejaculation reflex.

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