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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Am I Here?

Why am I here,
what is this all about?
I've known love and sorrow,
happiness and pain.
When I awaken tomorrow,
it begins once again.

I see order in the universe,
the sun rising on time,
the moon tugging the tides,
seasons come and seasons go,
they don't miss a beat,
in their rhythmical flow.

Yet here am I,
no pattern do I see,
no path clearly drawn,
especially for me.
Neither rhyme nor reason
explaining my place,
in this endlessly confusing
and painful rat race.

I've pondered the question,
for the thousandth time.
I search for a clue,
to give me direction.
At last an answer,
to my satisfaction.

We are an army, each and every one,
fighting the war, in the Garden begun.
When Eve ate the apple
and Adam joined in,
the world God created,
was tainted by sin.

Goodness and evil continue to fight,
we are His soldiers
and with the power and might,
given to us by our Father above
we continue this battle
with His weapon of Love.

The most powerful weapon
man has ever known,
Love creates life,
makes a king abdicate a throne.
It builds cities up, causes empires to fall,
makes the smallest of men, stand ten feet tall.

The evil one uses destruction and pain
fighting for him you have nothing to gain.
When the end comes, you relinquish your soul
to the fires of hell--can this be your goal?
I think not, if you have any sense
you'd best choose Love as your defense.

For the end will come, the winner will be chosen,
good will win out, for so it is written.
Though evil may smite you with sorrow and pain,
eternity will reunite you with loved ones again.
Infinite peace and happiness prevail,
ecstasy is yours beyond the veil.

I continue my battle through life's challenges,
clinging to my faith, for courage and hope.
Resisting temptations, obeying God's laws,
praying for the strength to diminish my flaws.
Knowing that when my battle is through
I will be blessed with eternity and you.

Though we may part, we never let go,
we will meet again, this much I know.
The hurdles and road blocks we each must endure,
are worth all the suffering to win this war.
For we are God's soldiers through thick and through thin,
we fight for our Father, we fight to win.

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