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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tips for Minimizing Exposure to Dust Mites and their Droppings

• Get dust mite-proof bedding covers, special laundry detergent, pillow cases.
• Launder beddings above 600C regularly once a week.
• Don’t take furry toys to bed—substitute a cotton blanky that you can wash regularly.
• Get rid of carpets, especially in the bedrooms.
• Use a vacuum cleaner with filter.
• Use dehumidifiers or air conditioner to maintain relative humidity at 40-50%.
• Damp mop or rag to dust.
• Wash or clean clothes frequently, dressing gowns, pajamas.
• Replace soft cloth-upholstered furniture with items that can be wiped clean.
• Keep all pets out of the house—or at least out of the bedroom!

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