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Monday, February 9, 2009

Self-Assessing Your Errors and Becoming a Better Person

In this life, we keep telling others what they must do and what you expect from them but it is not very common of human to take up their own self-assessment.

Self-assessment is not something, which you should wait and do when you are facing tough time rather it should be a daily habit.

Everyday when you go to sleep and before you sleep make a habit to evaluate your all day activities from the start of the day. Recall everything, appreciate yourself when you learn that you did something good, and yes do not forget your mistakes, as when you accept your mistake you will always take efforts not repeat them.

I have read this somewhere, which I think, is very valuable if we take this message in our life and live with it. It says, “Laugh at your mistakes but learn from them, joke over your trouble but gather strength from them, make fun of your difficulties but overcome them!”

Also, make a habit to plan you day before you go to sleep, when you have things planned ahead of time it helps you to take up the first priority and you may chuck off unimportant task saving you time and energy.

If you have made a habit to conduct daily self-assessment then it is time now to conduct a personal assessment for you to bring some drastic change in your self.

What ever you do with your life but never give up hope and surrender in front of defeat. Before you point, others do take efforts to change yourself . Most important is to judge yourself.

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