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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Memory Strategies

As we age, we may increasingly find ourselves losing the keys or leaving a pot on the stove. Declining memory can be frustrating for anyone. There are lots of ways to aid our memory, which can relieve our frustration:

* Use a calendar or agenda book to keep track of appointments
* Jot down grocery lists and to do lists
* Use a watch with alarms for medications
* Use daily or weekly pill boxes so you don’t forget to take medications
* Post signs with reminders, like a post-it note on the door reminding you to turn off the stove
* Label drawers and cupboards
* Keep things you use daily, like keys or wallets, in the same spot
* Set up routines for daily and weekly activities, like Monday is laundry day, or start making lunch at 11:30
* Repeat things you want to remember to yourself, like repeating names when meeting people, or repeating facts when you’re learning new information

Using even a few strategies to aid your memory can help reduce frustration and anxiety.

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