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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kamasutra: On Woman Acting the Part of a Man

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Woman on Top Position

“When the woman holds the lingam in her yoni, draws it in, presses it, and keeps it thus in her for a long time, it is called the `pair of tongs'.When, while engaged in congress, she turns round like a wheel, it is called the `top'. This is learnt by practice only.When, on such an occasion, the man lifts up the middle part of his body, and the woman turns round her middle part, it is called
the `swing'.”
The ancient text speaks of three positions wherein the woman acts as a man, other wise known to us as woman on top position. These are: pair of tongs, the top, and the swing. Basically, all of them are done while the woman is on top of a man lying on his back and nowhere else.The “pair of tongs” is much like the “mare’s technique or position” wherein the female holds the penis inside her vagina with her vaginal muscles. The only difference, perhaps, is that this one is done while the woman is on top while the “mare’s position” is done in other positions, usually when the male is on top. For more information regarding the technique, see “mare’s position”.
The “top,” on the other hand, is the female version of “turning position.” Instead of the male turning while he is on top, the female takes his place sits on his erect penis and turns around using the penis inside her vagina as her form of pivot. This is a very experimental sex position as the turning is really unnecessary (same as the turning position) since the sensation derived from it can be achieved without the turning involved. This position is also more dangerous as compared to the “turning position” since when the woman is on top and turning on her partner’s penis, she can injure it if she accidentally sits on it once it slips out. So, performing this position involves a lot of careful attention.

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