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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to Make People Laugh

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Most people think being funny is easy. However, that is not the case. When people think that it involves very little work, it’s the opposite. Having a sense of humor involves a lot of hard work. Some say practice makes it perfect. Timing can also be a factor but sometimes one can do without it. But an arsenal of information to remember is usually the most effective tool to be humorous.
To be funny you must first know what is funny? Giving you examples will help you be better acquainted with the concept.
During the early days of cinema, slapstick comedy is always a hit among the movie goers. It’s still the same case today, although it’s much more complicated. What is it then that makes slapstick comedy funny? It is pain which is the basis for these movies. When someone gets hurt it is funny. Why do you think it is funny when Wile E. Coyote gets all messed up when all his efforts and gadgets to capture road runner fail? More than physical pain, emotional pain can also be funny at times. We often laugh at others’ misfortunes especially when it is in a form of joke.Incurring pain to others such as hitting them or telling jokes about their misfortunes can be funny. Always remember though that pain, at times, is never funny to those it’s being applied to. When this “exception to the rule” case happens, they often respond to your funny efforts with a fist or a foot to your nose. Do not worry; it is their way of appreciating your efforts. It will also add to the humor of the situation because you got hurt. Be consoled with the fact that, even if it is really painful, people are still laughing at you.
Funny things also occur unexpectedly so always take note of things that pop-out of the blue for they have the potential to be funny. When you fart, it’s not expected so it’s funny. When a comedy show becomes too predictable, it loses its charm and therefore fails to make people laugh and it’s not funny. Another example would be the unexpected reactions of people to a given situation such as how Mr. Bean ends up when he was inside the church and feels sleepy (I find it amusing, though, but not funny), or the reactions of prank victims in reality TV shows such as “Punk’d” or “Candid Camera (does anyone recall this show?)”.
Going hysterical when someone asks for directions is funny because no one expects you to do it. Walking naked in your neighborhood can also be funny. Be prepared though, as your efforts can help make or break you and your reputation. Always make the right decisions when trying to be funny, but being always mindful will not lead you to the path of being a funny man. Don’t worry if no one laughs at your minimal effort to be funny, you didn’t expect that your joke was not that great so it is polite to laugh hysterically. That way it becomes unexpected for them and they will return the favor by laughing with you.Lies are also funny. When you tell dumb jokes about politicians or celebrities, it’s funny. Why, because you’re telling lies about liars. When you tell people that you’re a son of a bitch they’ll laugh because it’s a lie. A real son of a bitch would be too embarrassed to admit that he is. When Sen. Miriam Santiago told in the news that she lied about her statement where she’ll jump off the plane, we find it funny because she lied. Why again, because even if she does intend to jump-off, the plane crew would not let her commit suicide in the first place.
Call people you meet names and it will definitely be a funny day for all of you. You’ll hurt their feelings and, at the same time, you’re lying at them. In return you get cuts and bruises all over your aching body when you get home because you made them really really happy. It’s your lucky day dude. (I’m lying…)Saying words in odd ways is also funny. Take for example the Visayan accent where the “Is” and “Us” are hard and prominent; “A” and “E” gets mixed up most of the time as well as the “O” and “U”. People laugh at these odd pronunciations leading to its cliché in the entertainment industry. In fact, anybody with an accent that is not like yours is funny, and you should laugh to show your appreciation. If you’re still not convinced, how about “Alyssa Alano’s” “Kiss Me” where it ends up being “Kicks Me.” Filipino people often laugh when they hear their fellow countrymen speak their “carabao English” quite uneasily.
Then this joke:This event took place in a hotel in the Philippines. One day, a foreigner gets inside an elevator from the 4th floor going up to meet someone in the hotel lobby from his room in the 5th floor. He sees what seems to be an elevator personnel testing the elevator for any faulty functions in its buttons. He told this guy that he is going down to the lobby. The personnel just nods. Suddenly, a Filipino gets in on his way down also. Then the personnel asked the Filipino repetitive syllables which seemed to be a message or something; “Bababa ba?” The foreigner thought he was talking to him but was clueless of what he’s saying and just dismissed it. Then the Filipino simply replied with the similar group of repetitive syllables; “Bababa.” From then on, the foreigner was convinced that Filipinos use very simple vocabularies usually consisting of repetitive syllables since a simple “ba” can relay messages quite effectively just by how many times Filipinos repeat it.
Why do you think it’s funny?
Similarly, aside from the mispronunciations and odd accents, words can also be funny when it is used ambiguously such as saying one thing yet suggesting two or more meanings. Any recollection of this historical line: “2 balls ni Ang”? It’s funny because just saying it gives a lot of connotations in mind. First is the actual object which it refers to: the proposed solution of the Erap regime to the growing problem of “jueteng” which is exactly the same problem that Erap was involved with and that brought him down. The second is it conjures a picture of “Ang’s 2 balls.” And the last is, I don’t know if you’re aware of the word, “tubol ni Ang”.Telling your wife that you dreamed of her last night when she heard a different name is funny. You are telling her one thing which eventually reaches her as two or, perhaps, three things. Then the message will be clear. This type of humor is often followed by humor involving pain. (See above.)Exaggerating things can also be funny. Referring to riding the MRT during rush hours as “corned beef” to refer to tightly packed masses of flesh is funny because you’re exaggerating. When you picture your life with your wife as “hell” to your officemates is funny because you’re not actually living in hell with your wife, you’re only exaggerating and thinking like it.
Tell your boss that you’d actually kiss his ass to get spared from the eventual lay-off in your company. He’ll laugh real hard because you’re exaggerating. No, it’s not the ass-kissing because he knows you’re telling the truth when you said it. It’s the getting spared part that’s exaggerating because even if you kissed his ass he’ll just kick you out when the massive termination comes.Contradiction and irony is funny. When people try their best to separate rubble from gold and end up having no better than rubble in hand, we laugh at it. When the world knew that Batman and Robin were in fact gay, they found it funny because they busted crime and had too much masculine features in them. Before the Filipina women ran away when they hear that the Japanese are coming. That was during World War 2. Today, they don’t run away but seek them out because nowadays attached to them is the thought that they have more money therefore they are financially rewarding careers.
While smoking, try telling people how bad you feel about lung cancer and would do anything just to prevent it from happening to you; then take a Vitamin C tablet. Or, while in a party, be a conspicuous pig when it comes to eating the free food and drinks then tell your friends how you hate free-loaders. I’m not sure for some but I think it’s going to be hilarious especially if, by the next day after that, no one would take you seriously.
Finally, being stupid is funny. Why do you think jack-ass is funny, especially the match-box in the ass? Eating your snot is funny and disgusting because it’s stupid. Running into trouble all the time because of an uncontrollable temper or incurable clumsiness is funny because it’s stupid. Erap jokes are funny. You should know why by now, right?
Do you still need instructions on how to be stupid? Merely following all the earlier examples are stupid and funny.

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