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Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 Uses for Peroxide

Peroxide was invented during World War II to help army troops in their various needs. Nowadays, this same chemical can be bought in almost any drugstore for as low as one dollar! However, not everyone is familiar with the uses and benefits one can get from a cheap bottle of peroxide.

Below are some of the less known but definitely great ways to maximize that small bottle resting in your medicine cabinet!

1. Heal wounds and infections by soaking the affected area in peroxide from five to ten minutes. Do this several times a day for better and faster results.

2. Kill fungus on your feet by spraying a mixture (fifty percent peroxide and fifty percent water) of peroxide and water on them everyday. Don't wipe with cloth, just let it dry.

3. Rather than keeping your toothbrush in your bathroom cabinets, soak it in a cup of peroxide. This will kill bacteria and germs that may have accumulated due to residues from your teeth.

4. Use peroxide as mouthwash. Take one capful and gargle for about five to ten minutes. You'll be surprised to see whiter teeth and sore-less gums.

5. Following the same idea as with your toothbrush, peroxide can also be used as a spray cleaner for counter tops and tabletops. You may also put a small amount on a dishrag and wipe it on the surfaces to kill bacteria and germs.

6. Spray a 50/50 mixture of peroxide and water into your nostrils whenever you have colds or blocked sinus. Hold it for a few minutes and then blow your nose into a tissue. Peroxide kills the bacteria that cause colds, coughs, flu, and sinus infections.

7. Use peroxide as a pain-reliever! If you're suffering from toothache and the dentist is still several miles away, gargle peroxide for about ten minutes several times. This shall lessen the pain and give you ample time to get to the dentist without having to suffer more.

8. Half a bottle of peroxide mixed with your bath can cure mild and recurring skin infections such as rashes, boils and fungus.

9. Use peroxide as a substitute for bleach. Apply a small amount on stains or mix with your laundry to whiten clothes.

10. Clean your mirrors with peroxide! You'll love the smudge and smear-free surface! Haven't tried it yet but probably make a fantastic jewelry cleaner.

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