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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Do you ever sweat it out when you have some wild romp in bed? If you’ve never tried this, then you haven’t been really… there.Sweating out is one indication of a healthy system, a good yardstick of optimum health. And since sex is considerably and mightily a physical activity, then if you are unhealthy, then you must be unsexy. That is why it is soimportant to maintain your sex stamina or endurance because this can take you to great places while you are reving on your carnal instincts.But in order to prepare you body to be that ultimate sex machine, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, health is not just about sweating it out, of course, whether in bed or out. Let me tell you, do not court a sloppy diet, especially one that has poor nutrition. Remember what mom used to say - you are what you eat, and others are always right, what you have in the dining table will eventually shoe on how healthy you are and how good you are in bed, aphrodisiacs included (but that’s another topic). An example of things to avoid is high fat meals which not only makes you obese but also suppresses your drive as well as your endurance because of the lack of testosterone. A lack of this hormone will only lead to depress your libido and make your erection and ejaculation definitely much harder to achieve. Also, other things to consider are environmental factors such as environmental estrogens which can enter your body through pesticides and other hormonally enhanced vegetables and dairy foods. I suggest you have a natural diet - organic meats as well as dairy products. Try to be more selective also with your vegetables and fruits for these practices can reduce the usual load of environmental estrogens that you heap on our system unconsciously and eventually will take a toll on your sex life.But of course, it’s not just the food that we take in but also what we let our body take which make s a whole world of difference to our sexual stamina. When it comes to lacking the endurance for an overnight romp, then hand stress the award for being king of the game. When stress hits us all of your central nervous system responses are thoroughly impaired which could only mean that our brain and endocrine glands are tested way beyond their line of duty. Unfortunately, these are the very same glands which are involved during the Stages I and II of a man's progressive sexual process. Tsk, tsk, tsk, too bad, there goes one orgasmic night because work was too stressful. How unfair can life be? What’s even worse is that the situation gets more hopeless when its long-term stress that has went on unchecked. This can really severely interfere with your ability to achieve full sexual arousal because prolonged stresses create lower energy levels and sex drives. Apart from that, this also affect your sperm production and motility, so now were talking about impotence, which is definitely much scarier. To combat these horrors, you can go green. Lower your stress levels with the help of herbs as well as vegetables. You also need to regularly exercise as it is critically important for your sexuality. And of course, in order for your physical activity to not seem as tasking as it seemingly is, go find an activity that you genuinely you enjoy, such as sex for instance (big grin here).On the other hand, there are some things that, yes you enjoy, but you must seriously reconsider. Smoking tops the list as it interferes with your body's zinc supply, critical to sex. Don’t just smoke away your sexual frenzy. Imagine how just two cigarettes a day can constrict your blood vessels and eventually impair your blood circulation. How is this related to sex, you ask? Think of your penis in its full erection glory. Now, since we all know that an erection is a penis engorged with blood, then smoking affects your ability to achieve an erection. Also, if you’re into chewing tobacco, don’t think you’re excused as well because this deadly habit can stop you from getting the erections that you are REALLY capable of.Another thing that is definitely not for you is fat. Somehow, sexual stamina and fat just don’t go together. Other than the fact that a wad of fat jiggling here and there is a complete turn-off - now c’mon, who would want to get to bed with a man who can break the bed with his weight – it also shortens your penis. You don’t believe me? Well, face the fact that fat is deposited into a man's pubic region and can actually decrease the available length of his penis. Scientifically speaking, most of the penis length lies on where it is rooted and with the penis, it is within the abdominal fat that only leaves a small stub of that teeny weeny instrument for protruding. Actually , if you’ll lose 35 pounds of that extra weight, you can actually an extra inch for your penis, so get burning now. Other than pure aesthetic reasons, and your ability to perform, excess fat can also block your arteries which only ruins your ability for an enduring sex life and a full erection. Therefore, work now to lose that excess fat, burn them out so that you’ll have a burning sex life!

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