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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that can simply develop as the result of performance anxiety. In fact, isolated episodes of not getting an erection or of losing an erection at a most needed time are the common maladies of men which can be summarized as male impotence. They are even almost a universal occurrence among men although such isolated episodes do not necessarily mean a sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction may often occur to be psychological rather than physical, particularly in the young. When you are having erectile dysfunction, this is apparently psychologicalwhen you are still waking with morningerections and can still get a good erection by masturbation or self stimulation. The most common psychological causes of erection difficulties include the nerves especially when it comes to issues about performing. There’s also the feelings of guilt (notably if you’re trying to have sex with somebody else’s woman), relationship problems, latent gayness, depression or exhaustion. However, ED can also turns out to be a mixtureof psychological and physical causes. Some of these common physical causes include thedeterioration of the arteries or when there is aphysical change which is common in older men,especially those with high blood pressure. Thisalso include having the complications of diabetes, smoking, excessive drinking (hence the phrase ‘Brewer’s droop’), being obese and out-of-condition, side-effects of certain drugs or recreational drugs, like cocaine. Less common physical causes are excessive drainage of blood from the penis, diseases of the nervous system, injury to the spinal cord, prostate operations and hormone problems. It can also be as a result of a temporary result of physical stress or having a cold, being tired, having consumed a large meal or simply too much alcohol. Sometimes, this may even relate to other problems like tension, lack of privacy, or nervousness in coming to awkward terms with a new partner. As prolific as the reasons may seem, however, if a man does not take such incidents seriously and will eventually become upset with his failure to respond physically, then he is only courting the stage filled with scenes of breaking difficulties in future sexual experiences. These will then be filled by worrying about his inability to perform . Actually, fears of sexual performance are likely to dampen one’s sexual arousal and eventually will become so pervasive that they will become a self-fulfilling prophecy over the long run. This then leads to performance fears, lowered interest in or avoidance of sex, loss of self-esteem, and lacking of sexual spontaneity. On and on, it will become so bad as to reduce intimacy to the situation which just stifles more the capacity for physical response and erectile failure, which results in distraction and loss of erection and heightens the fears of performance. The sad thing is, unless this vicious cycle is broken then there is a strong possibility that sexual dysfunction will be firmly established.
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