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Saturday, January 24, 2009


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A rich sexual potential lies in every man and he has always the potential to develop this to its utmostcapacity. And this is true to every man no matterwhat his age or size is already. Afterall, what is of prime importance anyway to a man's libido and sexual performance is not so much on what lies on statistics or numbers but on how optimum is his state of health. This is what a man who is experiencing any sort of sexual dysfunction must bear in mind. A healthy lifestyle will always hold the greatest influence on any man’s sexual ability andpleasure. There are many issues a man is facing especially when it comes to achieving thefull potential of his sexual prowess. However, more often than not, hindrance of achieving this full potential can be easily resolved. In fact, talking abut sexual dysfunction, fears of sexual performanceare more often than not, the culprit. However these tooare very common and can usually be easily resolved, most especially when professional help is sought earlyin the discovery of the fears. This is often called sexual anxiety and sex therapists generally agree that the best approach to breaking the cycle of sexual performance anxiety is to talk about the fears or concerns with your partner, more than anybody else. This simple suggestion, though often difficult to put into action, can be the beginning of improved communication as well as better sexual functioning. However, if the problem persists, seeking the help of a qualified therapist would be highly recommended. Beyond what is psychological, since sex is primarily a physical activity, it is also important to pay heed to your vehicle of pleasure - your body. We sometimes take it for granted, but if you’re looking for a great sex life, taking it out in your body. Like for instance, the lack of exercise does gravely affect your sex life since exercise helps you by reducing your tension, depression and even anxiety. This can also increase your self esteem, your capacity for joy, aerobic capacity, mental acuity, energy, positivity and ultimately, your libido. Needless to say, when you feel generally better then you’re also in a better condition to think and make great sex. Science shows that even a short aerobic workout can increase your mood towards love making and will increase your capability for more intense orgasms. Studies even show that most men are completely out of clue as to just how closely intertwine regular exercise is to their sexual performance. One new study, in fact, surveyed 78 sedentary men during an entire span of nine months of regular exercise and the results showed that every man all have reported significantly enhanced sexuality. This also includes increased frequency, performance and satisfaction of love making, thus, rising sexuality is always correlated with the degree of how healthy and physically fit you are! Of course, to add up to the exercise, it is also of great importance that you learn to feed your biggest and most significant sexual organ - your brain. Together with your complete brain food, packed with the most needed nutrients, you will then be on your way to a spicier sex life. Some of the most recommended vitamins and nutrients to improve your sexual pleasure include a complete set of B-Complex Vitamins. The B-complex vitamins is composed of B-1 (thiamin), B-2 (riboflavin) and B-3 (niacin), which you need for that healthy sex drive you had always been dreaming of. Vitamin B-1 can be found in grains, asparagus and raw nuts while Vitamin B-2 can be found in asparagus, bananas, broccoli and other lean meats. Vitamin B-3 contributes much to your sex drive because it dilate your blood vessels which creates a better blood flow as well as play an important role to your sex hormones. Progressing to the rest of the vitamins, Vitamin C can keep your sex glands running smoothly while the antioxidants can protect your sexual organs. The Vitamin E meanwhile can aid your sex hormone production as well as improve your circulation and can be found in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Some other valuable nutrients for sex would include Biotin, Folic Acid, Selenium, Zinc and more. In addition, you should be friendly to sea foods for it can provide you the needed fatty acids that protect your heart and improve your circulation. And when it comes to sex and our sex organs, a better circulation will definitely give you a better erection. Sometimes, sexual dysfunction can be easily prevented so that you don’t have top spend countless of resources for its cure. For this, it is important that you learn how to maintain your penile health. A few of the sound suggestions to keep your penis in tip top condition is by refraining from tight trousers and tight underwear, synthetic material and heat. The constriction from tight clothes including underwear, along with too much heat can affect fertility so you’d better keep those family jewels cool. Afterall, the testes where designed to be a little away from the body, dangling down, so as to be kept cool. The scrotum area must in fact be kept 4 degrees lower than the rest of the body temperature. In line with this, also refrain from too much hot tubs for they have been shown to lower your sperm counts. If you really want it hot, as a prelude to a steaming session of sex, a hot shower is a better option instead. Speaking of which, though you might think that a glass of your favorite brandy can speed up your spirits for a wild night, slow down on the alcohol. This exciting liquid that is so hard for men to resist can cause serious damage to your precious sperms. Other than this, you must also avoid smoking for smokers are half as fertile as those who are non smokers. Also, there are quite a number of drugs that can also affect your fertility, with the likes of steroids, cytotoxic drugs and opiates. Refer to your trusted doctor about this.

Sponsored by: cildenafil citrate, viagra, cialis, provigra, prozac, tramadol, levitra, propecia

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