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Saturday, January 24, 2009


If there’s a be-all and end-all to sex, ithas got to be Libido. Unless of course if we’re talking here about partners with complementary sadistic and masochistic impulses. But then again, even pain can be a valid turn on, and thus, can be a verified libido; after all, we all have our kicks in life.In black and white, libido simply means sexual desire. To a man, it comes as an erotic arousal and wish with intense physical or sexual attraction or craving. Unless of course if you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past century ofyour life, you would know by now, and personally felt, how titillating the juices or libido can be. However, it is more than just plain wanton want to have sex, it can also be classified as the urge to create life. Only that, it is naturally and more often manifested through sex. And we all knowthat it is not just as simple as it sounds. If we were in the stage of utter pubescence where our raging hormones can’t help but get the better of us, then Libido wouldn’t be such a problem unless it becomes too strong that we have to suppress it. However, raging hormones do not only apply to adolescents, generally, men are just walking sticks waiting to be stimulated. In fact, the loss of libido is really rare to a man, that is compared to a woman. And when loss of libido does strike, these are often contributed to physical and psychological causes that are common and more often than not, neglected. If you are one of those who are simply bothered by the seeming lack of urge, then read on. Just bear in mind that its not something that’s totally incurable, or something that you should be embarrassed about. If you do ADIDAS (All Day I Dream About Sex), then maybe that’s when you’ll start worrying. Especially because, more often than not, humping around too much can lead us to fatigue and away from other priorities in life. Other than that, an occasional loss of urge is but natural, whether you have typified yourself as a sex machine or not. This only becomes a problem when there are more frequent bouts of it and if your anxiety about it is leading you away from being a productive worker in the greater scheme of life. Among the many but physical causes of loss of libido can be attributed to excessive intake of alcohol, abuse use of drugs, anemia, hyperprolactinaemia, prescribed drugs particularly Proscar (finasteride) which is a tablet used for prostate problems, obesity as well as other antidepressants and recreational drugs. You might also experience a lacking urge when you have a low male hormone level, testosterone for male, or any other major 'generalized' disease like as diabetes for instance, whose symptoms can impeded in your optimum sexual performance. On the other hand, the more common issues when it comes to libido are psychologically caused. So all the mumbo-jumbo about mind-over-matter works after all even in sex. Pay more attention to your mental health for it is when you are within the clutches of depression, stress, especially those that are extended over a period of time, overwork, sexual hang-ups, identity crisis like being latent gayness, serious relationship problems with wife or partner are more seriously to be blamed. These are factors which are so easy to say, so commonly occurring but so complex as to be too difficult to solve.However, not to worry, so far nobody died because of loss of libido, excluding those who are too depress about it they considered suicide. On the other hand, if you are also experiencing this, especially if it has been irritatingly reoccurring for vast periods of time, then take heed. A man has some or more sexual desire, which is the bare truth. Heck, even male animals can’t keep their cojones out of action, just look at how fun the rabbits and dogs can be. If you don’t face the problem then consider yourself being irresponsible especially if you refuse to get help, professional or just even working out a dilemma with your wife or partner. The bottom line is, be proud if you have the urge, be tolerant if it is not as strong as before, but being completely nonchalant about it is like saying that you are not interested in saving yourself from the absolute and complete glory of being a man.
Performance anxiety – fancy namefor some hard and not uncommon malady. Whether it is out of fear, boredom,distrust or more, the fear of performanceis a common sexual problem where the anxiety about engaging in sexual activity is an overriding block to optimum intercourse. This psychological problem is a big bug to the spontaneous flow of sexual feelings as well as thoughts. The fear of sexual performance or the fear of not beingbale to perform well sexually can beattributed in a variety of ways but it always has got something to do withlibido. This is especially since libido issomething as simple as to be the free creative, or psychic energy that an individual has in order to progress towards the development of sweet and undiluted aaaaghhhh. Sigmund Freud actually coined the term libido and said that is the instinctual energythat, in his own scientific point of view, comes simply into conflict with the conventions of civilized behavior. When you have performance anxiety you either have too much or too little of Freud’s “libido”, more so since reduction in libido can be caused by so many factors. Normally, it is the result of psychological factors such as loss of intimacy, stress, distraction and depression. In many cases however, it may also be derived from the presence of environmental stressors such as prolonged exposure to elevated sound levels or bright light. A man’s libido however, is in a different level as that compared to a woman’s. In a way, in being a man we are often spared from the problems of libido as compared to our fairer partner since we tend to respond to spontaneity and visual stimulation such as pornography. Sometimes, it is already enough for us to just have a willing partner ready to take our most lustful of urges. On the other hand, the fairer sex have to be romanced, and they have to be prepared by talking, intimacy and lots more time spent with us before the sex stuff happens. Furthermore, a man does not seem to be affected by a bad day or fatigue especially when it comes to sex though there are prevalent cases on men having low libido because of certain factors that affect their sex drive. But generally, this should give us more encouragement towards how healthy our libido is and cut out all those notions of performance anxiety. Just by the name that we are created men makes us, more or less, superior in the bed scene - apart from the times when the woman has to got to be on top. Therefore, let not performance anxiety be your excuse to get you to your good times. However, I do admit that the anxiety that we feel is a big issue and that it can lead to avoidance of sexual encounters, lowered self-esteem, relationship discord and most fearfully, sexual dysfunction. Just an awareness in fact of an existing performance anxiety produces so much preoccupation with the anxiety itself that we become less fully involved in the sexual interaction which only leads to the very failure that is feared. Sometimes, we worry so much on how to be sexually responsive and spontaneous that we focused on each detail of the lovemaking - breathing, a shift in position, how much lubrication or erection - the sexual interaction becomes dissected that enjoyment is really impossible. But I tell you, let this go. Sex is nothing but spontaneous fun, a little preparation here and there but generally what unfolds is something that we should not make the mistake of putting in to a pattern or routine, for then does it defeat its very purpose. Sometimes too, we have so much anticipation of the next sexual encounter that the same anxiety along with the memory of some previous failure only makes the sexual interaction worse. In order to help you deal with anxiety, let me remind you of what you have rather than what you don’t have. Be proud of your crown jewels and just concentrate in how much pleasure you can give, not only to yourself but to your partner as well. Your penis has got to the greatest work of God and you must definitely take pride in it, no matter its size or color or any else of its attributes. What is important is that you must also learn to be its master by getting more acquainted and intimate with it. There’s nothing wrong in knowing yourself more, and being more comfortable with what you have, especially if this part of yourself will eventually bring you to extend yourself in the form of a child one day.

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